CaregivingHappy Holidays

It is easy for people to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season, especially if you cannot be there with your friends and family members. Covid-19 has compounded this issue and made dealing with holiday blues even more difficult. Seniors and other homebound individuals might become depressed during the holidays, especially if they cannot be with the people they love.

You can incorporate seniors and others in your family who might be shut-in during the holidays. We recommend a few things to help you make the experience a little more pleasant and positive.

Invite a Loved One to Join Your Family Virtually

Including your family members to join holiday traditions is worthwhile. While nothing can replace being in person, technology allows us to remain connected and safe from COVID-19. You don’t need to plan anything special but connecting on a regular basis and inviting your loved one to join in virtual festivities such as baking cookies, crafts or even decorating the Christmas tree can bring light into their life. You can even ask them to help you in planning the decorations or whatever else you might want to incorporate. Have them suggest different activities that everyone can enjoy.

Reflect on the Good Times

Reflect on the good times with your loved ones. If your loves one is dealing with memory issues, sharing old photos can bring comfort to everyone. Most importantly, don’t correct or quiz your loved one’s memory. Allow them to ask questions and if they don’t remember, tell them the story about the picture and why you think fondly of it. Your photo albums can include many positive memories worth sharing. Sharing cherished moments through photos brings you and your loved one’s comfort.

Focus On the Present

The holidays are often a time when people might be too worried about what will happen in the future. They might think too much about their health, their plans for the coming year, or anything else that might cause worry. But the holidays are meant to be a time that you can enjoy right now without worry. Focus on what’s happening now without being too concerned about whatever may happen later.

Be Smart Around Your Family Members

People who have the holiday blues might be a little more emotionally sensitive during the season. There are a few things you can do to keep seniors and others who might feel isolated from feeling worse:

  • Don’t make any decisions for someone. Allow that person to take part in the decision-making process. Let someone feel a little more welcome over whatever’s happening.
  • It’s fine for people to express negative emotions on occasion. Sometimes sad feelings can be a part of remembering some of the positive things in life. Allow people some time with their thoughts.
  • Don’t assume that people will remember everything. Allow people to feel at ease with whatever they wish to think.

When You Can’t Be Together

Distance can be a source of pain during the holidays, but we can still show love and inclusion by other means. Here are some ideas on how to spread the joy this season:

  • Send a card wishing someone a happy holiday.
  • Swap recipes or other activities to do during the season.
  • Make a custom ornament or another gift to share with someone.
  • Call a family member if possible. It’s easy to use video calls online, but a traditional phone call may also work if you don’t have the means.
  • Write a letter if your loves one doesn’t have email.

At Essential Quality Care, we care about you and bringing care and compassion into your home is a top priority. If you or a loved one need extra care, we can help. Our services extend to all age groups. Contact us today and let’s match you with the perfect in-home caregiver in the Portland metro area.

We wish everyone health and happiness in the New Year ahead.