Get Your Patients the In-Home Care They Deserve

With every interaction we want all patients to feel cared for and receive the personalized care that their unique situation demands.

At Essential Quality Care (EQC), we’re delivering top-tier in-home care to families in Portland.

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Caring. Consistent. Comfortable.

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Personal In-Home Care

  • We match your patients with caregivers who can best assist their unique needs.
  • Our experienced care professionals from diverse backgrounds help make your patients feel more comfortable.
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Occupational Therapy

  • Our Occupational therapists are able to assist your patients with sensitive requirements including mobility, dementia, and more.
  • We help elderly and senior patients achieve independent living.
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In-Home Nursing

  • Our in-home nursing care services range from intensive 24/7 care and daily assistance to regular home visits.
  • EQC’s experienced registered nurses are able to monitor and administer patient’s unique medical needs.
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Medication Therapy Management

  • Our in-house pharmacist and registered nurses review patients’ medications, providing expert advice on optimal intake strategies to ensure optimal results.
  • Administration and monitoring are provided by EQC’s experienced in-home nurses.

We Provide In-Home Care for All Ages.

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    Making Informed Care Decisions

    What services does EQC offer?

    In addition to Occupational Therapy, In-Home Care, In-Home Nursing, and Medication Therapy Management, EQC also offers Behavioral and Dementia Services.

    We provide quality evidence-based behavioral therapies based on the principles of ABA. Our approach is person-centered, and we promote the value of each person, respect for their autonomy, consideration of their life experiences, and an in-depth understanding of the relationships each person maintains with others and their environment.

    Visit our services page for the full list of services and details.

    How much do the services cost?

    EQC’s basic rates are listed below:

    • Initial Assessment and Intake: $360
    • Personal/Companion Care (Weekdays): $50/hr
    • Personal/Companion Care (Nights & Weekends): $60/hr
    • Initial Nursing Assessment and Intake: $425
    • Private Duty/Direct Nursing (Weekdays): $200/hr
    • Delegation Nursing (Weekday): $180/hr

    For more information on pricing and other services, please contact us here.

    What payment options do you accept?

    We accept Medicaid, Medicare Part B, credit card, bank checks, cash, and many third-party insurance. Please contact your insurance provider for further details.

    For partnerships, email us here.

    EQC is your reliable, exceptional, and empathetic in-home care provider.

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