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Choosing a caregiver is no easy task. Your loved one deserves the best care possible. A caregiver needs to do more than provide physical assistance. An exceptional caregiver will provide support, hope and kindness while fostering a strong bond with your loved one. Every patient has unique needs but some traits are universally important for a caregiver to have. That’s why Essential Quality Care compiled the following list of the top traits to look for in a caregiver.


A great caregiver should have the ability to understand your loved one’s situation and put themselves in their shoes. Having compassion for others can lead to a higher level of care and can motivate the caregiver during tough times.


Anyone who works with people needs a certain level of patience. However, patience is especially important in caregiving. A caregiver needs to be able to handle a variety of duties among patients with varying levels of care needs. The day won’t always go according to plan. That’s why your caregiver should accept difficult circumstances while staying calm and considerate.


Caregiving is hard work and everyone has bad days. However, a professional caregiver knows that they can’t let personal issues impact their work. Your loved one needs to be able to trust their caregiver to show up on time ready to do their best. Only a reliable and professional caregiver can provide high-quality care your loved one deserves.

Communication Skills

A caregiver needs to work with many different people. From your loved one to medical professionals and family members, the caregiver you work with should be able to communicate complex issues to a variety of people.


Caregivers need to know a lot of confidential information to do their job successfully. Your loved one’s caregiver will need to know their medical history and will have access to personal documents. An exceptional caregiver needs to keep personal information private, only discussing information on a need to know basis.

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